Hooty's Clubhouse

Hooty's Clubhouse

Join Hooty, and all his friends, around the clubhouse. They will lead your little one through play-along and sing-along stories, identifying shapes, patterns, and numbers. You never know who might stop by the clubhouse or what's to come!

Hooty's Clubhouse
  • Learn Farm Animals

    We're back on the farm today. Join Hooty as he explores the farm learning of new animal friends that live there. Which animals do you believe live there?

  • Skateboard Hooty Puzzle

    Did you know that puzzles are a fantastic learning tool that teaches children many essential life skills? Let's have fun as we sharpen their attention span and spatial awareness with the Skateboard Hooty digital puzzle.

  • Learn Jungle Animals

    Explore the vast jungle with Hooty as we learn different animals that reside in jungles everywhere.

  • Learn Shapes and Colors

    We see colors and shapes every day but do you know the names of all of those you see? Spend time learning new shape names and some familiar colors with Hooty's friends.

  • Learn Dinosaus

    Whoa, did you see that? Come along as we learn about different dinosaurs that once walked the earth. Did your favorite make the cut?

  • Numbers 1 to 10

    Counting numbers is FUN! We start from one and finish at 10 this week. Will you join us?

  • Learn Alphabets Phonically

    Learn the letters of the alphabet phonically. With vibrant colors and engaging music, our friend Sonny will lead us to learn our ABC's in a fun way.