Maya Pinyon

Maya Pinyon

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Meet Maya Pinyon, your guide to the lighter side of life! Remember Crabby Roads? Well, Maya is here to bring her delightful perspective to current and past topics, music, entertainment, news, travel, food, and social media influencers and their videos. Join in for a fun and empowering dialogue, spiced up with occasional guest appearances. Let's navigate the roads of joy and humor together!

Maya Pinyon
  • Trial and Political Errors

    Episode 2

    Welcome to 'It's Maya Pinyon' – your go-to for views, news, and hot topics. This week, we're diving into what we playfully call 'Trial and Political Errors.' Brace yourselves for a conversation about numerous missteps, blunders, and downright bloopers in the political sphere.

  • Welcome to My introduction! Afterall, Its Maya Pinyon!

    Episode 1

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    Our special viewing LAUNCH DATE was on November 11th, a date of spiritual significance. Make sure to notice that the first episode has a time stamp at 15:15. Wishing you all blessings and prosperity!

    I'm Maya Pinyon!"